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Do Well – The Crown Biblical Financial Study Set

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Do Well is our classic Biblical Financial Study. To complete this 10-week course, each participant (couples can share) will need the Do Well manual, the book The Worst Financial Mistakes in the Bible and How You Can Avoid Them and a Money Map, all included in this set. Weekly introductory videos are available online that correspond with each week’s lesson. To view the weekly videos and access printable worksheets and other helpful resources, please visit here.

Each week’s lesson has two components – an in-depth Bible study on that week’s topic and hands-on financial exercises. The participants will be guided to apply newly gained wisdom to their personal lives and finances. The teaching strategy used in this study treats more than the symptoms of financial bondage – it creates a long-term transformation of the heart. This is the most effective way to find biblically based answers to one’s financial questions and difficulties.

The Do Well Facilitator’s Guide is intended to be used by the small group leader. It is a helpful guide in the implementation of the study. Crown provides additional training, general in nature, to equip someone to lead any of our studies with confidence. You can access the online Facilitator Training by Chuck Bentley at no additional charge.

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