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At Crown, we've dedicated our lives to teaching people to become Redemptive Stewards.  When we care for what God has given us, we and all of those around us are blessed.  Join us as we work to be the most effective organization in the world at training God's followers to be good and faithful stewards. Let God's blessings exceed far beyond yourself — create a healing ripple effect, give today!

A new course in Crown Online

God's Word tells us story after story of what not to do with our money and resources. We can heed those warnings and gain wisdom from the mistakes of those who failed.

In this "What Not to Do" video-driven guide for your finances, Chuck Bentley highlights some of the financial follies committed by heroes and villains in the Bible. Enriching their stories with contemporary illustrations and practical advice, he offers sound biblical counsel to help you avoid similar traps. The course includes 19 lessons but can be easily adapted into a 4 or 6 week study. Each lesson includes next steps as well as questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

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