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At Crown, we've dedicated our lives to teaching people to become Redemptive Stewards.  When we care for what God has given us, we and all of those around us are blessed.  Join us as we work to be the most effective organization in the world at training God's followers to be good and faithful stewards. Let God's blessings exceed far beyond yourself — create a healing ripple effect, give today!

Image of Creating a Spending Plan and Eliminating Debt

Financial challenges take a toll on us financially, emotionally, relationally and spiritually. Are you ready to overcome?

These two quick start guides, updated and revised from the traditional Crown library, will work together to get you off haphazard money habits and on an intentional path. First, Creating a Spending Plan will help you understand the importance of having a realistic spending plan and walks you through a process to create one. Then, attack your debt with Eliminating Debt so you can escape the trap of debt dependence and move toward freedom.

Have you already overcome these challenges? Then request these ebooks today to share with someone who needs this hope.

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