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Surviving the Aftershock (POD*)

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It is time to be sober-minded and seek the wisdom of our God who can deliver us from any economic challenges. Many are now asking how do I protect what I do have now, how do I recover from job loss, bankruptcy, housing loss, investing and retirement planning. God knows, and we can trust His guidance! Jesus told us to seek first the kingdom of God, and God would provide for our needs (see Matthew 6:33).

In 1991, our late co-founder Larry Burkett wrote The Coming Economic Earthquake, warning of the dangers of the ever-growing appetite for debt by our society and federal government alike. Larry also warned in his best seller Business by the Book that 2008 could be a “horrendous year” for the economy as the baby boomers began to retire. At that time, he had no awareness of the toxic shock that would be brought about by the massive run-up of household debt through sub-prime mortgage loans. Surviving the Aftershock's purpose is to equip people with the important defensive and offensive moves during a recession.

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