Crown Money Map® and Companion Guide Bundle

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Where are you financially? Where do you want to be? And how will you get there?

Crown's proven-successful Crown Money Map® has been helping people answer questions like these for more than a decade. And now we've added a Companion Guide to offer even more encouragement, practical tips, and tools to guide you on your journey. The Money Map® Companion Guide is a handbook that will help you walk through the seven destinations on your Money Map®.

Destination One – Build Emergency Savings
Destination Two – Pay Off Credit Card Debt
Destination Three – Pay Off Any Other Consumer Debt
Destination Four – Adjust Your Plan
Destination Five – Save For the Future
Destination Six – Invest Wisely
Destination Seven – Leave a Legacy

The Crown Money Map® and Companion Guide Bundle offers you the poster-size map to display as a reminder of your goals while the companion guide serves as a journal to keep God's financial principles fresh in your mind. This combined course material is perfect for individuals, couples, a small group class, or a financial conference.