The SALT Plan

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The Enemy will never “waste a good crisis,” so neither should we as God’s people. We can turn everyday adversity into advantage by loving others and leading them into God’s Kingdom during their time of need.

The signs are around us everyday. We are truly in times of economic hardship, and some would even say that we are hinging on an Economic Event of Biblical Proportions. The idea of preparing for hardship is a timeless concept. How can you protect your family in the midst of financial crisis?

God’s Word provides proven principles for preparing you to do well in any economic situation. The S.A.L.T. Plan is a culmination of those principles compiled into a practical guide that provides both biblical wisdom and sound advice to help you carefully plan for hard times, while continuing to be faithful with your God-given resources.

The S.A.L.T. Plan is a must read for individuals and families who want to live prepared for a worst case scenario and to seize the opportunity to be “Salt and Light” as God commands.

This book is also available in Spanish