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God Provides™ Deluxe Boxed Set

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God Provides Film Learning Experience - Boxed Set

Six Epic Short Films...One Timeless Message

The God Provides™ Film Learning Experience provides a rich, dramatic journey through six theater-quality, epic short films with an accompanying printed companion guide that can be used for individual or group study in a variety of ways—homes, businesses, churches, academic institutions, and more.

This Film Learning Experience, only available in English, contains everything you need:

1) Six Short Films, including special features (Director’s cut, trailers, and behind-the-scenes footage):

• Widow and Oil – What do you Have?
• Jeremiah’s Call – God’s Design for Hope
• Abram’s Reward – Making Major Life Choices
• Abraham and Isaac – Mine or His?
• Rich Man and Lazarus – The Power of Generosity
• Lifted Up – My Hope for the Future

2) Six Companion Guides featuring the following for each of the six films:

• Discussion Questions
• Reflection Opportunities
• Application experiences for each film for individuals or groups
• A Family Guide containing unique questions for family study