When you give to Crown you become part of a community of faithful stewards committed to helping hurting people find release from financial pain into freedom. Your gift enables Crown to spread the principles and practices of God's economy all over the world. God uses you to:

  • Transform individuals through the gospel to understand and live out their God-given design.
  • Equip individuals with job skills, vocational experience, and opportunities to increase their livelihood.
  • Teach and train individuals how to manage their resources according to God’s economic principles.
  • Disciple individuals and communities for the advancement of the Kingdom.

The Crown community is working hard to to equip as many people as possible and is seeing lives changed everyday. However, God has opened our eyes to even more hurting people in the United States and around the world. The call to serve these communities has sounded loud and clear and we have decided to answer that call. Your gift today will bring real solutions to those seeking to escape financial pain, poverty, and biblical ignorance.

"Every gift, large or small, has a big impact on Crown's global outreach to multiply faithful stewards!
Thank you for trusting us with your donation." - Chuck Bentley, Crown CEO

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