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Your Life - Financial Stewardship

A new course in Crown Online

In this 5-week study on Financial Stewardship, students will take a look at what it means to be a steward of money, how to budget in a way that honors God, the importance of financial integrity and how to plan financially for the future.

This section of YourLife will help teens establish a strong foundation to move forward with confidence in managing their finances. It is perfect for youth group meetings, but can also be done within a family or by teens on an individual basis.

Each week of the 5-week study, you'll have access to:
A video including discussion/reflection questions
5 daily lessons that expand on the content introduced in the video
Action steps that correspond with each daily lesson.

There's also a leader's guide with helpful tips for how to lead the study with a group, including weekly emails to help communicate with parents and involve them in what students are learning at youth group.

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