Budget Essentials Kit

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Eliminating Debt is no longer available on DVD or in print, but is available in digital format at no cost. https://www.crown.org/eliminatingdebt/

We all need help at times to reach our financial goals. Maybe you’re ready to create a budget for the first time or to fine-tune a spending plan that’s no longer working for you. Perhaps you’re stressed because of increasing debt, and you want to learn how to get through the month without relying on credit. The Budget Essentials Kit can help on both fronts.

Included in this package are:

Creating a Spending Plan DVD and Manual - In less than two hours, this video study provides quick, practical help by applying God’s wisdom. Because a plan can be your best offensive strategy, you’ll learn how to create a realistic budget that will free you rather than restrain you.

Eliminating Debt (via the link above) - In less than two hours, this video study will help you understand five reasons people get into debt and - more importantly - which of them are avoidable. In addition, it will provide practical steps to eliminate debt and will address issues such as credit scores, dealing with creditors, and bankruptcy.

• The Crown Money Map® is a proven, step-by-step journey to true financial freedom that works for everyone. The map is easy to understand and follow. You'll find this visual guide beneficial as you take steps to achieve your financial goals.

The Budget Essentials Kit is a biblically-based, practical resource to help you achieve your financial goals.

Both of the Creating a Spending Plan and Eliminating Debt video components are now available to stream at no cost:

The Creating a Spending Plan DVDs are available to purchase while supplies last!