Making Ends Meet

“I don’t make enough money for a budget.”
“Budgeting takes too much time."
"It’s too complicated.”
“I’m not organized enough for a budget.”
“I don’t know how to budget.”

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, Making Ends Meet is for you! These common excuses for not having a written plan for your money can be overcome with some basic knowledge and easy-to-use tools, found in this book.

Without a written plan, you aren’t controlling your money – it is controlling you. Having a written budget allows you to decide and direct where your money goes. This book presents the basics of budgeting in an easy-to-understand format using a one-page budget form. It explains the real purpose of money, how to use a checking account, and how to deal with things that can wreck a budget – like credit cards.

Get out of financial bondage and find financial freedom today.

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